November 8, 2016 Testimonials No Comments

Bro. This shit is legit.
The new pot really must have done something really big, cause I can seriously notice a difference. It’s so much glassier and clearer. And the two pick-ups together sounds like something else, it’s really cool in a weird way, it’s kinda like nasaly like a Wah. I’ve never been much of a rhythm pick-up person, so to want to play with that setting is a real step forward. Also the harmonic response is really. Really. Good. I could get artificial harmonics at the 22nd fret, never done that before. It wails hard out. Plus the action is so sweet, playing some fast stuff is so effortless. Everything is so perfect on it right now. Do not regret at all getting the deluxe set up.
Also that big bends stuff was way rad, I had no idea how much crap managed to wind up on your strings after 1 play, definitely worth buying in the future. far out. Had no idea.
Thanks for the Awesome set up!

Jacob West

Written by Adam Thomson