November 8, 2016 Testimonials No Comments

I came to Kenny with a pretty vague dream, I had a strat body an ESP tele neck some GFS pickups and a scratch plate. After talking to Kenny about what I want he reached into the depths of my imagination and pulled out some practical, cost effective ideas to build my dream guitar.
With the addition of the amazing Stestsbar bridge and other high quality parts he made me a guitar that plays and sounds as good as it looks.
I’d like to thank Kenny for his patience, his wisdom and enthusiasm for the project. I feel like he really got behind the vision I had an shared the excitement I had to see it finished.
Being a Family man himself he understood how life rolls and that made it easy to deal with him the whole way through.
His attention to detail and expert craftsmanship cannot be overlooked either. This had the potential to be a disaster but his skilled hands have created a masterpiece.
Couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to see what he can do with my other guitars in the future.
Thanks again Kenny

Rowan Das

Written by Adam Thomson