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Wow, my G&L Legacy has just got back from the magical hands of Kenny Duncan. It plays like a whole new beast.

I was hipped to Kenny’s work by a good friend who had also had some work done on his guitars. So, on his glowing recommendation I took my Legacy into Kenny to ‘discuss’ my gripes and concerns with the guitar and talked about what he thought he could do to get it all good.

After some in-depth and sometimes very long discussions (my fault!), we finally settled on a re-fret to 6105, re-radius of the board (which is now like new!), new nut and spacing. I called in every now and again, being the guitar geek that I am, just to see what was happening, and just to talk shop in general, and Kenny’s attention to detail, his passion and understanding of my needs blows me away.

My axe now plays and sounds the best iteverhas, it’s more comfortable, plays faster and the acoustic resonance of the neck is so much sweeter. It’s insane. Any misplaced thoughts I had towards swapping out pick-ups to ‘fix’ the tone are gone. So, the final job is just now to install the new Bourns pots, re-wire the electronics and re-finish the back of the neck.

I am now convinced I seriously do not need that $6,000 Tyler Studio Elite in Arctic Mint Shmear anymore. My 1996 Legacy is just fine, mighty fine.

Kenny Duncan is the Miracle Man. Pure and simple. Go see him, go see him now and you can bank on getting back a guitar that sounds like fire, plays like butter. Awesomeness.


Dave Henry

Written by Adam Thomson