Bern Stock - Gibson Firebird
November 8, 2016 Testimonials No Comments

When I was buying a guitar for myself one day in 2007 in Sydney, I noticed this BEAUTIFUL Gibson Firebird hanging up behond the counter. Without even playing it or anything, I just said “Could I also please put that one on lay-by?”. It was well over $4,000AUD.
Little did I know it would play like an absolute pig. Although it was beautiful to look at, it was just not a great or inspiring guitar to play. I ended up putting it in storage, and played my Epiphone 335 in the band I was in because it was so much nicer to play. When I moved to New Zealand in 2013, I left the Firebird behind. Later on I thought.. I could either sell it, or try to make it better. I asked around and luckily, found Kenny Duncan in Wellington.

I thought if this doesn’t fix it, I’m selling it for sure. And then something awesome happened…. that beautiful instrument came back to me in such an amazing state, it’s now my favourite guitar to play. I play it every day, and love every minute on it. I cannot thank Kenny Duncan enough for rescuing it. His attention to detail and prowess in his field are *easily* above and beyond any other luthier I’ve used in the past. I am now a full supporter and promoter of his business and invite everyone who has a guitar in Wellington to take it to Kenny Duncan and just see what’s possible, because you won’t believe it until you have played a Kenny Duncan guitar. I have since brought two more of my guitars to him and fully intend to bring my others to him also, plus any maintenance requirements I may have. It’s the only way to fly 🙂
If you want it done right, honsetly.. just take it to Kenny. You simply will not find someone as skilled as him in New Zealand. Hell, I couldn’t even find someone on his level in Sydney!!

Bern Stock

Written by Adam Thomson