1991 Gibson LP Standard that had been re-fretted by Kenny
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The Three KDG Refrets

Over the past few years I have accumulated a number of 80’s guitars with the intention of restoring them to a great playing condition. After taking my guitars to different guitar tech’s and never being satisfied with the way they came back, I was introduced to Kenny by a friend.

I began by taking my ’87 Gibson and ’83 Greco Les Paul Customs to Kenny who made some great suggestions regarding electronics and set up which really improved the way both these guitars were playing and sounding.

Since then a total of five of my guitars have been to see Kenny in the last 6 months or so including my 1981 Ibanez Destroyer II and mid 80’s ESP MI Deluxe. I had been experiencing intonation problems and fret buzz with both of these guitars after they had both been given what I now know to be a very average fret crowning job and set-up by another luthier.

Kenny’s suggestion was that I re-fret both guitars and having just previously acquired a 1991 Gibson LP Standard that had been re-fretted by Kenny prior to me buying it, I knew this was exactly what was needed to get these guitars back to playing as they should be.

Sure enough, Kenny completed an amazing job on both of these guitars within a really good time frame. Both guitars came back playing better than ever and I am now the proud owner of three guitars that have been re-fretted by Kenny. There will definitely be more to come, thanks for the hard work Kenny!

Ben Naldrett-Jays

Written by Adam Thomson