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Just wanted to acknowledge what a great job you’ve done on the Duojet.

I was expecting to get some playability back, as the frets were in such terrible shape when I brought it to you. And I was expecting it to look amazing cosmetically – I’ve seen your work before and it always looks like something a jeweller would produce. But what I wasn’t expecting was the transformative effect this has had on my tone.

It’s like having amazing new pickups and speakers. It’s that different.

No more mud. Massive clarity right across the frequency range, more of everything – I’ve had to reset the gain structure and EQ, but it didn’t take long – it’s a more neutral EQ with less bass and presence boost, and slightly more gain (as I’m playing more dynamically). The tone sounds more natural, less processed, way more sensitive to where & how I play.

I get the feeling that going for a lighter string gauge is going to help the tone even more. This is sooooo weird, as for me selecting a string gauge has usually been about avoiding breakages and getting maximum attack. But now there’s more of everything there… I’m getting more of what I want to hear, with less physical effort. I feel like lighter strings would be even more sensitive. I’ve never had a guitar that’s made me think about string gauge like this before.

The other weird thing is that this improvement has been produced mechanically, not electrically. No enhancer pedals, new pickups or speaker swapping involved. With a stack of workmanship and expertise devoted to the contact points for the string, not only do you get a bigger improvement in tone, but also a more playable and better looking instrument.

This is amazing value for money. Well done!

Lance Fowler

Written by Wil Barber`