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Covid update 12/05/2020: Looks like almost everything is back to usual. Faber Germany are still unavailble to freight so they are on pause for a little longer. All our other New Zealand & USA distributors are still shipping. Any other updates will be posted here. – Take Care

Hi, Guy’s
It’s with a very heavy heart I write this. It’s a bloody scary uncertain time for all of us around the world. I do believe in all my heart that we will get through this it’s just going to take time. Please read the following to see whats effected by Covid-19 and what we here at KDG still have available.

I feel very blessed to live in this wonderful country and feel confident our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has our nations best interests at heart. She continues to reassure that essential services like freight will still be running.

This Government enforced closure of un-essential business from 5 pm Tuesday 24th of March to Monday the 27th of April. This closure may vary and we will keep you up to date.

What’s Still Available 

All our guitar services are still available. You can still get your instruments collected from our PBT Couriers Service. Free Freight is available please see our services page for more info. Please contact us to book.

The Bulk of our products come from the U.S.A most if not all of our suppliers are still operational and are shipping. If anything changes we will let you know.

Whats NOT Available 

Our New Zealand suppliers have now closed their doors the following products are currently unavailable to ship.

  • Dunlop & MXR Pedals
  • Fender Pickups
  • EMG Pickups

More could be added to this list

Over the next few days or even weeks, there could be more added to this list. Please check back or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with all things KDG 

How do I know what is a Local Product or International Product?

Our product listings display in bold in a drop-down menu by the add to cart button. For example, see the highlighted red on the below images

DUNLOP-–-HENDRIX-FUZZ Covid-19 Information
Local New Zealand Product – Currently not available to order 
Vibramate®-–-V7-Gibson Covid-19 Information
International Products will display the following, These are currently still available to order. 

Don’t be afraid to ask

If you are unsure of anything or are wanting to place an order please contact us

From my family to yours, take care. Now is a great time to learn or write that killer song. God Bless

Written by Kenny