Do you live outside of New Zealand and want to get your hands on some KDG products?
June 2, 2021 Blog No Comments

Never in my over 20 years in this business have I ever known pricing to go down. 

Our dollar is getting stronger against the US Dollar yet pricing elsewhere keeps going up. Well not this time and not on my watch. We decided to break the mould. Over the last little bit, our Kiwi dollar has risen to $0.73 USD. We monitor exchange rates with all our different suppliers around the world regularly to keep up to date and give the best possible pricing available.

I’ve gone mad at slashing what pricing I can on our imported products. I want to get as many of our great products in the hands of our loyal supporters as possible.

When your guitar feels and sounds great, you play more and it brings out the best in you. I want that for everybody!

Before and now pricing

  • PRS Wiring kit was $81.99 and $77.99 on sale, now $67.99
  • WD Music P Bass Ash body was $659.99 and $527.99 on sale, now $457.99
  • WD Music Strat body in Tobacco Sunburst retails for USD $390 our price NZD $486.99

Massive Floyd Rose update

New models available and again, better pricing. Our distributor informs us that Floyd Rose has stopped including the locking nuts with the tremolo units, due to an increase in the pricing and availability of raw materials, plating and freight. From now on, Floyd Rose systems will no longer include the locking nuts however our listings give the option to add this component. I have hammered these prices right down to be competitive worldwide.

Example: Floyd Rose Special Series 7-String Tremolo Was $276.99 and $262.99 on sale. Now $206.99 and $196.99 on sale

More Discounts more savings on a huge selection of our products

  • Spend over $100 save 5%
  • Spend over $200 save 10%
  • Spend over $300 save 15%
  • Spend over $400 save 20%
  • Spend over $500 save 25%

Please note examples are on single items, not combined items. This discount structure excludes local products.

More products are coming in 2021

If you see a better-advertised price on any of our products forward us the link and we will do our best to match or better it.

We ship worldwide. (New for 2021) 

We have begun sending our products around the world this year however our checkout isn’t configured for this yet. Do you live outside of New Zealand and want to get your hands on some KDG products? Please contact us with your address and we will get a very competitive shipping quote to you asap.

Popular destinations so far have been Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. A4 bags cost about $14.00 to these locations on average depending on weight.

Written by Kenny