Bogner – Custom Shop – Shiva EL34 Head – Mint (RARE)

  • Custom Shop - Shiva EL34 Head - Mint (RARE)
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Bogner – Custom Shop – Shiva EL34 Head – Mint (RARE)


Bogner Shiva Head. + Footswitch and Padded Cover – Mint Condition.

There hasn’t been a NZ Bogner dealer for about 5-6 years. The last retail on this head was $4650. So add another 10-15% to that for inflation.

This amp is hand built in Hollywood, U.S.A By Bogner Custom Shop. Not to be mistaken with the cheap Line 6 amps and pedals. Bogner has a reputation for making the very best Boutique amps. This is a long standing model in the Bogner range. I main amp for the past 20 years is a Bogner Ecstasy 101B. AMAZING AMPS.


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Bogner – Shiva EL34 Reverb
( Can also use KT77, KT88 or 6CA7 all have the same impedance as EL34’s and can be used in the amp.)

A Modern Classic, So versatile amp.
*Fender Cleans,

Vintage Crunch, Classic Rock tones
Foot-switchable Boost *Amazing Reverb,
Tube Buffer Effect Loop
Tags: Fender, Mesa Boogie, Friedman, Plexi, Marshall, Soldano, ToneMaster.

PLEASE NOTE: Matching 4×12 Cabinet also available to order at additional cost.

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