Jetter – Gain Stage Blue, w/ Original box, Overdrive / Fuzz – RARE – Mint

  • Gain Stage Blue
  • Gain Stage Blue
  • Overdrive / Fuzz - RARE - Mint
  • w/ Original box

Jetter – Gain Stage Blue, w/ Original box, Overdrive / Fuzz – RARE – Mint


Jetter Gear Gain Stage Blue™ with Original box, Mint – Excellent

These sound great think Eric Johnson Alien Love Child Tone.
gorgeous overdrive with a hint of fuzz. –


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*​**PLEASE READ*** PRE-ORDER PRODUCT - ​ Next order is Monday 5th August 2024​. ETA is 2-3 weeks on average. Price and availability subject to change.


From Jetter Gear:
The Gain Stage Blue™ Overdrive Pedal was designed to sound like a great overdriven vintage tube amp. The pedal has the response of classic stacks and will deliver so much more.

The Gain Stage Blue™ is a very unique overdrive. A lot of time was spent perfecting the circuit so that the pedal would be very flexible and deliver a wide range of tones from clean-boost to heavy overdrive. It works like a second channel or natural extension of your amp. There are a ton of tones on tap with this pedal and the controls and two switches can be used to not only change the tone and gain structure but also allow for greater compatibility with different amps and guitars.

With the Gain Stage Blue™ you can get everything from a very transparent and warm clean boost to killer mild od tones to vintage cranked tones. Even at higher gain settings the pedal will not mush out in the bass.

When designing the Gain Stage Blue™ we re-examined fundamental OD circuit principles and spent countless hours perfecting the basic gain stage and selecting the right components. Please note, that this is not a slightly modified version of any existing pedal – we worked very hard on building a circuit from the ground up.

The gain circuit we created will stay very articulate and responsive, like a strong overdriven amp. A lot of pedals out there will offer a compression effect that can be useful, but all too often becomes more of a homogenizing influence. This is a hand built, American Made product.

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