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Sustainiac – Stealth Pro Sustainer Systems


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Add infinite sustained tone to your guitar.

The USA made Sustainiac Sustainer System replaces your current neck pickup with a special sustainer unit incorporating a single coil, or humbucker regular pickup. Using the Sustainiac sustainer pickup and the bridge pickup as the driver unit opens up a world of possibilities. The sustainer unit has an on/off toggle and a mode switch allowing sustain of the pickup in regular, special ‘Mix’ or harmonic mode.

How does it do this?

Combining the neck “Driver” unit, the circuit board and bridge pickup the sustainer projects magnetic pulses which continuously vibrate the string giving infinite like sustain, feedback type sounds and with a little ingenuity, the ability to mimic string and violin type sounds and swells. It gives the user-controlled harmonic feedback at any level.
When not in use the Sustainiac neck pickup functions as a regular neck single coil pickup.

As used by, Matt Bellamy Muse, Joe Satriani, Adrian Belew, Synyster Gates Avenged Sevenfold and much more.

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When placing your order we need to know the following information

1. Guitar make and model, number of frets

2. Guitar pickup configuration. (HH, HSS, HS, SSS etc.)

3. Pickup selector type?
So we can furnish appropriate hookup diagram (3-position toggle (Gibson style), 3-position lever ( like Tele), 5-position lever etc.)

4. Sustainiac driver size (single coil or humbucker), also the colour for each kit. Black or white. (Also 6-string, 7-string) If SC size, do you need a threaded baseplate for pickguard mounting, or will the driver be mounted directly to the wood using wood screws?

5. Bridge pickup type for each kit. Passive or Active?
Sustainiac circuit boards are equalized for either single-coil or humbucker bridge pickup type input signal. The performance will be compromised if interchanged. If you use active pickups such as EMG please let us know. We use a slightly different circuit board for actives.

6. Guitar control knob configuration.
(How many volume knobs?, How many tone knobs?

7. Sustainiac control type for ON/OFF and Harmonic mode:
Toggle or push-pull. Can be one of each.

8. Output jack type, open or barrel
(TRS jack supplied). If you have active pickups (9-pin jack supplied)

9. Optional battery case?
Single, double, standard mount, shallow mount.


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