FLOYD ROSE – Turbo Trem Arm Assembly

  • Turbo Trem Arm Assembly
  • Turbo Trem Arm Assembly Chrome
  • Turbo Trem Arm Assembly Gold

FLOYD ROSE – Turbo Trem Arm Assembly


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Great things happen when innovation meets common sense. Of the countless guitarists who use floating tremolo systems, it’s doubtful that one can be found who never had to rack their brains in search of an elusive allen wrench. You can rarely predict when a string is going to break, and time on stage, in the studio, or in lessons can never be replaced. A two-minute repair can turn into a ten-minute ordeal when you can’t find the right tool but with the newly patented TurboTrem, the search will be over once and for all. This easily adaptable, sturdy, American made whammy bar features a 3mm allen wrench end. In addition to this obvious upgrade, the bar also has a superior feel, delivering better response on dives, pull-ups, and vibrato than your average whammy bar. Comes with the new style arm coupling kit but if you already have the standard tremolo arm on your Floyd Rose, you can just swap the arm!|n|