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There’s not too much we can’t do to your guitar, If you don’t see what you’re looking for here please contact us.
 The following prices are for the following instruments: Electric, Acoustic, Bass - Strings additional. We get guitars from all over New Zealand every week. Our courier can collect your guitar today. Want free freight? Purchase any of our services over $150 for South Island customers or $250 for North Island customers and your freight both to us and home is free. It's our way of making the whole process easier. Simply email us or text us 021 235 7000 your pickup address before 10:00 am. KDG has been freight guitars all over New Zealand for over 10 years your in good hands with us.

Some simple freight guidelines
  1. Make sure the instrument doesn't move around inside the Hardcase and nothing is loose inside that could move during transport. Add bubble wrap or even newspaper. Check it by shutting it and shaking the case does it move?
  2. Loosen the strings. You don't necessarily need to detune entirely, but it's a good idea to lessen the tension on the neck at least somewhat.
  3. Add a note inside of any issues you would like us to address Instructions, string gauge, tuning etc, I play with this size pick with this type of attack the more information the better.
  4. You don't need to address it our courier knows where he's going.
  5. Put some tape over the Hardcase latches and all around the case opening.
  6. Contact us when it is ready to collect with your pickup address.

KDG is a full compliance registered company with over 13 years in the industry. 
No information here can be copied without permission (copyright Kenny Duncan Guitars Ltd 2020)

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