Maxon – PAC9, Pure Analog Chorus

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Maxon – PAC9, Pure Analog Chorus


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The PAC9 is a classic analog chorus featuring swirling warm chorus sounds and stereo output for a wide chorus spread. In addition to the standard Speed and Width controls, the PAC9 offers a Bright switch for a focused sound and a Pure switch that boosts the signal.


Clean analog chorus sound using the Maxon MC4107D BBD chip
Speed and Width controls
Bright and Pure switches offer a variety of sounds for bold and deep chorus effects
Widely adjustable Speed range of 0.33Hz – 8Hz. Leslie-like tremolo chorus is available at faster Speed settings.
Stabilized DC to DC converter impervious to battery voltage drop and fluctuations in power providing rock-solid tone and functionality.
Dual outputs allow for stereo chorus effects with two amplifiers or stereo setups.
High-performance noise reduction using an RMS level sensor and a high-definition VCA providing a dynamic range with low noise.
Clean chorus without distortion is available with plenty of headroom
Can be used in effect loops of amplifiers. (+4dB/-20dB)
True bypass switching on both outputs provided by a 4PDT mechanical switch with no alteration of dry signal’s tone when the effect is bypassed
LED indicator for effect on/off
DC power or 9V battery
Made in Japan


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