Rocktron / Bradshaw – Advanced Midi switching system, + FREE Cables

  • Advanced Midi switching system
  • PatchMate $1586

Rocktron / Bradshaw – Advanced Midi switching system, + FREE Cables


Rocktron PatchMate 9 loop programmable midi switcher with HUSH Noise Reduction + Digital Music Corp Ground Control Midi Pedal,

This has been the brain behind many elaborate setups I’ve had over the years. I haven’t used it in a long time, But it has been tested. Now it is time to pass it on to someone you will use it.

This is not like the Simple on/off Looper switchers like today.
This is a Pro Unit Designed by Bob Bradshaw, Who was the master behind all the biggest stars giant 80s rack rigs.

One of the things I liked most when gigging with this unit was. All the pedals were in the rack. And I only had the midi Pedal and a 7-pin midi cable on the floor. Great to get rid of clutter or a potential drunk idiot who spills beer all over your expensive pedals.

Condition: ​G​ood, ​Manual downloads available

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Patchmate Specs
9 loop programmable loops
HUSH Noise Reduction
Stereo or Mono Loops available (via TRS to Mono Cable)

Digital Music Corp Ground Control Midi Pedal Specs
2 Expression pedal inputs for sending Midi CC
Can be programmed as 6 instant access loops and 4 Program or Program Mode with lots of banks
Glow-in-the-dark stickers added for dark stages

Some of the advanced ways I have used it over the years.
Switching between multiple amps
Amp Channel Switching
Pre-Amp switching

Also Included is a pile of FREE cables to get you going. There are several hundred dollars worth just there.
x2 7 Pin Midi Cables
8 Cable loom
6 Jack plugs for loom
2 Proel high-quality gold Y cable
3 Canare high-quality balanced cables
5 Assorted balanced cables
8 Assorted mono patch cables (Some Prolink Monster Cable)
6 Right-angle mono patch cables

These units require a learning curve and a knowledge of Midi.
View the manual here:

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