Floyd Rose – Original Series Tremolo – Left Hand

  • Original Series Tremolo - Left Hand
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Floyd Rose – Original Series Tremolo – Left Hand


This kit contains the Original Floyd Rose® Tremolo bridge for left hand applications. Springs, pivot screws, and all hardware necessary for installation is included. The Floyd Rose® Tremolo System is used by more professionals throughout the world than any other. No copy can duplicate the patented double-locking design of the Floyd Rose® Tremolo System that allows you to lock your guitar in tune at the nut and at the bridge.

The Floyd Rose® Tremolo System is engineered like no other tremolo system. Its high quality steel parts are manufactured to exacting specifications. Will fit practically any electric guitar, the tremolo kit contains the bridge, springs & claw, mounting studs.* Locking nut sold separately*.


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All Floyd Rose tremolo bridges come standard with a 37mm tremolo block. Other blocks are available in the parts section for Floyd Rose products and are sold separately.

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