Faber® – Tone-Lock™ ULTIMATIVE KIT – Gibson® Historic, Custom Shop,

  • Tone-Lock™ ULTIMATIVE KIT - Gibson® Historic
  • ULTIMATIVE KIT Aged Nickel for Gibson® with ABR-1
  • ULTIMATIVE KIT Gloss Gold for Gibson® with ABR-1
  • ULTIMATIVE KIT Aged Gold for Gibson® with ABR-1
  • Custom Shop
  • Tone-Lock™ For Gibson with ABR-1 Bridge
  • Tone-Lock™ ULTIMATIVE KIT - Gibson with Nashville Bridge
  • Tone-Lock™ For Gibson with ABR-1 Bridge
  • Tone-Lock™ For Gibson with ABR-1 Bridge
  • Tone-Lock™ For Gibson with ABR-1 Bridge
  • Tone-Lock™ For Gibson with ABR-1 Bridge

Faber® – Tone-Lock™ ULTIMATIVE KIT – Gibson® Historic, Custom Shop,


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The very BEST of Fabers sustain & tone enhancing products can now be ordered in one convenient “Ultimative Kit,” at a 20% discount over buying the parts separately!


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Ultimative Kit for Gibson ABR-1 (Ultimative the German word for ultimate and these kits are truly that.)

These kits are for Historic/Custom Shop, Pre-1974 Vintage Gibsons, 1990 to 2003 LP Classics, and various Reissues using ABR-1 Direct Mounted Bridge Posts. Newer Gibson USA models, such as Traditionals, Standards, Classics, etc. with “ABR-1” Bridge use Nashville Bushing Mounted Bridge Posts and require conversion bridge posts. Please see “Ultimative Kits for Nashville Bridge” for compatible Kits.

All Faber® Ultimative Kits are completely ready to totally transform the tone of your guitar. All necessary parts and accessories are included. Colour, Saddles are all YOURS to decide on.

Faber® – Ultimative Kit includes

  • Tone-Lock™ Bridge – Standard Matching Pre-Notched Saddles
  • TP-’59 Tailpiece – Lightweight Aluminum stop tailpiece
  • Tone-Lock™ INCH – Tone-Lock™ studs/spacers 5/16-24 for all Gibson
  • Lock Nut/Tailpiece Stud Tool – Corsa Faber Locknut Tool
  • Tone-Lock™ Lock Nuts – Pair of ABR-1 6-32 lock nuts
    Customize Your Ultimative Kit – READ MORE

    Choose Your Saddles

  • NICKEL PLATED Saddles (6)
  • NATURAL BRASS Saddles (6)
  • HYBRIDge™ w/ NICKEL PLATED (3) & Titanium saddles (3)
  • HYBRIDge™ w/ NATURAL BRASS(3) & Titanium saddles (3)
  • Titanium Saddles (6)


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