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In this blog post: Why Humidification of your instrument is so important.

We finally have Boveda humidity control products on the website. We have been using this product for quite some time now and can’t recommend it enough. 

What is a Humidity control product and why do I need it? 

To explain this as simply as possible, We are far too wet here in New Zealand. Our relative humidity (moisture in the air) is far too wet for instruments

Not sure the relative humidity of your city? Check your local humidity levels here.


Leaving your guitar out on a stand doesn’t help and leaving it in its case is a little better, but still won’t do as moisture can get trapped in the case. If you must leave a guitar out on a stand, try rotating it with your other guitars every few days and only leave 1 out at a time.

From our research, a lot of guitar humidifiers are designed for the American market 

Where their biggest issue is the opposite to ours they are far too dry. So their humidity control products include wetting sponges or humidifier packs with far too much water content.

Why is our product better? 

KDG has worked closely with Boveda over the last 18 months with a lot of R&D testing and tweaking to get a product that is optimised for New Zealand’s very wet climate. KDG stands behind this product and believes it is the best available – We use this in our own cases.

Aren’t Humidifiers only for Acoustic guitars? 

No, In all our years of servicing humidity damage has been the biggest culprit. Where ever you have wood and moisture you have potential movement

Here are just a few things that can happen:

  • Sharp fret-ends
  • Twisted necks
  • Loose frets
  • Scratchy electronics
  • Belling up acoustic tops
  • Lifting acoustic bridges
  • Excessively high action


Some of these issues are not reversible. It breaks my heart whenever I have to explain this to a customer.

Check your instrument now. Telltale signs of moisture are:

  • Corroded, rusty screws & hardware
  • Scratchy electronics
  • Acoustic players, Glide your hand over the top of your guitar behind the bridge does it feel swollen?


The Acoustic player may notice

Even with new strings, their guitar will have lost the crispness in the top end. The treble strings sound dull and less lively this is due to your guitar holding excess moisture.

The Electric player may notice

The high E string now is getting caught under a string or in the binding. If you have loose binding, new finish cracks or dirty scratchy pots this is all excess moisture.

Don’t wait until it’s damaged take action nowWhat’s in Kenny’s guitar cases Boveda.

Boveda_Tag_Black Why Humidification of your instrument is so important.





Written by Wil Barber`