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Hi Kenny

I spent some time – not long enough – with my Strat over the long weekend (as well as on the gig the week before & during the week, etc) so I’ve gotten to know it a bit better. It’s amazing how my playing technique unconsciously followed the gradual deterioration of the Strat over the years! To the point where now that the string spacing has been changed back as close to spec as you could get it I found that I went for a note a couple of times, and missed! Not where it used to be!! Who knew you could be that sensitive to a few thou here or there?

Anyhow, the work you have done has given me a whole new Strat I always knew was in there somewhere! It’s made me a better player (true! and I need all the help I can get!) and I think it sounds better too. As you do with a new Strat you always notice that it’s pretty sensitive to your technique and doesn’t accept sloppy playing, until you get used to it again. Another reason it’s making me a better player! And the re-fret makes it GORGEOUS to play as well.

Many thanks


Bill W

Written by Wil Barber`