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A while back, my father, an experienced woodworker, but not a guitar player himself, decided to take a guitar building course. The idea was to build my dream guitar. I wanted something that could shred like Steve Vai, riff like Dimebag, and sing like David Gilmour. I bought the best pickups money could buy, and my dad went off to Nelson to do the week long course, with high hopes and a heart full of joy. However, although the course was excellent overall, the electronics and hardware supplied by them were of the cheapest variety. I knew immediately that these components would need to be upgraded to match the standard of the rest of the guitar. I just wasn’t sure I could trust the guys over at rockshop with my most prized possession.

At first when I heard whispers of a mythical guitar craftsman, capable of turning the most average guitar into an axe worthy of Jimmy Page himself, I thought it was too good to be true. A friend of mine had highly recommended a man by the name of Kenny Duncan, saying that he had taken all of his guitars there, and he couldn’t be happier with the quality of service, attention to detail, and overall miracle work that was standard at KDG. After browsing the numerous outstanding reviews on his website, I knew Kenny Duncan was the man to fix my beloved, but slightly broken guitar.

I payed Kenny a visit, and we discussed the options. We decided to do a full electronics and hardware overhaul. Kenny listened to my requests, and the components he recommended made a massive difference to the tone and playability of the guitar. Where most luthiers would have been content with throwing money at the problem, Kenny’s eye for detail picked up a slight twist in the neck, which was wreaking havoc with the intonation and action. After contacting me and showing me the twist, I gave the go ahead for a massive fret level job, which Kenny pulled off flawlessly. And what a difference it made! Where once I was struggling to play the simplest lick, now I was shredding Malmsteen with “ease.” The quality of the work was evident from the moment I laid eyes on my guitar. Everything Kenny does he aims for perfection, and as far as I can tell, he has achieved it. I haven’t been able to put my guitar down since.

I cannot recommend Kenny Duncan enough. If you are having guitar problems, look no further. Kenny has earned himself a lifelong customer, and one of these days I will be bringing in the rest of my guitars for the Kenny Duncan treatment.


Written by Wil Barber`