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All hail Kenny Duncan, master craftsman! Thank you so much, Kenny, you have breathed new life into my beautiful Takamine G-series 12 string. Bought on Sunset Strip in LA in the early 90s (and once played by Roger McGuinn of The Byrds at a charity gig), this guitar has seen action from the misty forests of northern Scotland to a storytelling fire in rural Nebraska, and was absolutely showing it!

For the last decade I’ve been playing this as a 10-string, with the octave E and A removed to get a clean bass sound. Kenny hand-made a new nut to centre these two strings on the fretboard,refretted the first 4 frets as they were extremely worn, reset the action and laid a new sheen of goodness over the whole guitar.

My golly, what a transformation, it’s gorgeous! It’s like playing streams of liquid honey shot through with veins of pure mercury. Thank you again.

All hail Kenny Duncan, master craftsman!
Robin Christie

Written by Wil Barber`