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10 years + ago i got my guitar set up through the hutt rock shop they said they had a new guy in town who was setting up guitars and i think you should try him out. i got it back and i was floored. i could not believe a guitar could be set up so well. opened my eyes to what can be done with a guitar in the right hands.

I met kenny and we hit it off straight away. from then on i will never get anyone else to touch my guitars. the level of attentiveness he puts into your guitar is mind boggling. Every time i go in for a service or a chat i come away with even more knowledge about a guitar even when you think you know it all. i have just had 2 guitars set up and i dont know how he does it but they just get better and better. always showing me new things right down to strings and picks. it has been so good to see him put in such care and craftminship into everything he does. Long live KDG

Chris Calavrias of Stalker

Written by Wil Barber`